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Neno Macadamia Trust

The Neno Macadamia Trust is developing macadamia agroforestry to support smallholder communities in Malawi.
NEWS: Development of tree nurseries
Food Security & Nutrition

The Neno Macadamia Trust finances a cooperative organisation, HIMACUL (The Highland Macadamia Cooperative Union Limited) in Malawi that trains, supplies resources and provides trading centres for smallholder cooperative groups in Malawi to plant and harvest macadamia trees. The macadamia nuts from the trees provide food for the smallholder families.
Planting trees for food is known as agroforestry. ... Read more

Income For Farmers 

Once smallholder farmers have planted macadamia trees they benefit financially as soon as the trees start bearing fruit by selling portions of the harvested crop. This can happen within 2 to 4 years depending on the conditions and care that young trees are under. ... Read more

Deforestation Recovery 

Malawi has suffered from huge deforestion especially in the last few decades and, as a result, major crises have occurred such as the 2001/2 food crisis. A major and very important benefit of agroforestry such as with macadamia trees is that it enables the land and soil to recover from deforestation. As soon as a tree is established the benefits include:
Soil protection and conservation ... Read more

How macadamia trees benefit smallholders in Malawi
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