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The Neno Macadamia Trust Carbon cost calculator 

What are CDMC's?
Mitigate your carbon emissions with this carbon calculator and purchase Carbon Damage Mitigation Certificates fund smallholder Malawian farmers who plant & maintain macadamia trees for their own food security while the trees absorb your CO2 emissions.
You can enter your use of flights, driving and domestic energy consumption, an annual or fixed amount of CO2. Single or regular payment options are available.


Factors used for calculating flight CO2 cost are between 1.4 and 1.45 tonnes per 10,000 km per person depending on flight distance.
Fuel economy:
Domestic fuel and electricity
Electricity: kWh
Gas: kWh
Oil: litres
Electricity emission value based on approximate 40% electricity U.K. generation from natural gas
and 0.18 tCO2 / MWh and oil: 0.25 tCO2 / 100 l
See www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk, www.eia.gov/environment/emissions & www.carbonindependent.org

General tCO2 purchase
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What is my carbon footprint?
Some approximate average emission values
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Buy Carbon Damage Mitigation Certificate

Recurring payments:

Price: £25 per tonne of CO2 (tCO2) see #macadamia_sequestration
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Why capped tCO2?

Your Carbon Damage Mitigation Certificate purchase funds macadamia tree planting and maintenance by smallholder farmers for their own food security while the trees absorb carbon dioxide from the Earth's atmosphere.

Monthly payments

Monthly payments can be set up through PayPal or using the details provided in an email which you can send to NMT.
A check box is also shown which can be used to set up recurring monthly payments.
Each month when funds are received a CDMC will be produced. These can be emailed to you at a selected interval.

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Currently NMT cannot receive a Gift Aid supplement from HMRC for a CDMC as it is considered a purchase.
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