August 2016 NMT - Youth Group visit to Home of Hope Malawi

A youth group from Bedford enabled an NMT trustee to bring tools and equipment to build an efficient cook stove over two weeks at the Home of Hope, Malawi. Will Rawes also met with Ken Mkangala of HIMACUL to work on macadamia tree surveys. Ken was also able to see the progress of the Home of Hope macadamia tree nursery.

Ken was very encouraged to see:
  • strong tree growth with 15 month old trees already 2 m tall
  • more planting being done at the Home of Hope nursery based on the training that he had provided

Fuel efficient cookstoves

Cookstove building with Stuart from Home of Hope was very successful, with a large stove built in a few hours and which lit very easily (video below). Videos of the stove construction process were made.

'Malawi Opanda Utsi'

'Flame without smoke'

and is possible in Malawi with Malawi's skills and resourcefulness.



An exciting product of the cook stove burn is the charcoal that is produced. This can be mixed with organic matter into the soil which greatly improves soil quality.

NMT is working on
● macadamia tree planting
● efficient solid fuel (including macadamia shell) cook stove use
● biochar production and use
for the purpose of soil conservation and reducing deforestation.
These contribute to improving food security.

Latest news

May 2018 NMT Chair reviews work in Malawi and extends cookstove development

NMT Chair visits HIMACUL reviewing the tree planting and nut drying work and also extending the cookstove development with an MSc student from Imperial College.
If you would like to support macadamia tree planting in Malawi please consider donating here

December 2017 Macadamia nuts grown in West Malawi within 2 years

Wonderful news from Home of Hope in West Malawi, where macadamia nuts have grown successfully with careful farming and where the altitude helps macadamia trees to grow well. It is generally thought that macadamia trees need 4 years before they can bear fruit, but with the right conditions and care fruit can be produced within 2 years. This is has been achieved by a partnership between NMT, HIMACUL and the Home of Hope.

September 2017 Ken from HIMACUL spends week with NMT, U.K.

An intense week working with Ken of HIMACUL included an Evening with NMT at Moggerhanger Park and planning future work in Malawi.

July 2017 NMT Chair visits HIMACUL Malawi

NMT Chair Andrew Emmott visited Malawi working with Liberation Foods (U.K.) and HIMACUL.

May 2017 Encouraging HIMACUL visit to Home of Hope

Ken Mkengala of HIMACUL visited Home of Hope to see the progress of macadamia planting and also to pick up skills for building the biochar producing cookstoves.

May 2017 Open University Innovation & International Development Article

Article published by describes some of NMT's work following a seminar presented by NMT Trustees at The Open University, UK.
NMT News

March 2017 The Puddin Club, Bedford, supports NMT during Fairtrade Fortnight

The Puddin Club, Bedford, is using Fairtrade ingredients for its puddings, coffees and teas & is supporting NMT during Fairtrade Fortnight.
NMT News

January 2017 NMT chair Andrew Emmott provides food safety information at European Commision

NMT chair Andrew Emmott contributed to European Commission future research and innovation needs on agricultural systems and nutrition in Africa. Links and slides of the work are available.
NMT News

December 2016 Launch of Nutalious supporting NMT and macadamia small holders in Malawi was launched selling high quality personalised nut and dried fruit gifts with their sales supporting small holder macadamia farmers in Malawi through NMT.
NMT News

August 2016 NMT - Youth Group visit to Home of Hope Malawi

NMT trustee Will Rawes visited the Home of Hope - Malawi, to build on Alan's work with the solid fuel cook stove.
NMT News

July 2016 Imperial College MSc student installs and tests efficient cook stove at Home of Hope

Alan, an MSc student from Imperial College, is partly supported by NMT in a project to develop practical and efficient cook stoves fueled by any solid fuel, including macadamia nut shells and maize cobs.
NMT News

2016 Successful NMT work at Mchinji Home of Hope

NMT has supported Ken Mkengala who has now successfully established a young macadamia tree nursery at the Mchinji Home of Hope.
Ken is now training nursery men to establish and develop the nursery.

January 2016 Ken describes benefits of macadamia trees

#Inanutshell video clips from Ken of HIMACUL, Malawi, describing some of the many benefits of planting macadamia trees, including long-term food provision, ground shade and economic benefits.

June 2015 NMT Chairman finds out about practical small holder charcoal production

Andrew visited Nicaragua meeting small holders who have developed simple metal wood burners that produce high quality charcoal which can use macadamia nut shells as fuel.
Fuel provision like this will be very important in Malawi.

NMT chairman Andrew Emmott provides aflatoxin awareness training in Malawi and Mozambique

In January and July 2015 NMT Chairman, Andrew Emmott visited Malawi and Mozambique running training workshops about the hazards of aflatoxins in staple foods and developing safe harvesting and storage practices.

David Emmott Tribute

David Robert Emmott 1931-2015 died peacefully at home on 29th January 2015.
Loving husband to Sue, devoted father to Dee, Rob and Andrew and much loved grandfather. Friend to so many.
The funeral and celebration service for David's life was held at St Mary's Church, Scarborough at on Tuesday 17th February.

January 2015 NMT Chairman visits Malawi and meets with HIMACUL manager Ken Mkangala

NMT Chairman A. Emmott visits Lilongwe, Malawi, presenting information about crop storage to improve food safety. Some HIMACUL farmers intercrop with groundnuts and Ken attended the meeting to share their experience.

August 2014 Trustees meet with HIMACUL manager Ken Mkangala in Malawi

NMT Trustees Andrew Emmott and Will Rawes visited Malawi and met Ken Mkangala, manager of HIMACUL. In Ntchisi District they visited smallholder farmers, seeing the progress in setting up and maintaining macadamia nurseries. Later Ken and Will met at the Home of Hope, Mchinji, to organise a tree nursery for the home.

December 2013 Food Security - Scottish Malawi Partnership 2nd December Bulletin

Food Security - In October news reports suggest 77,000 people are facing food shortages in the Neno District. So far 14,041 households have been targeting for maize distribution so there are some people still in need of food.

2013 Reflections on NMT

2013 Trustee Trevor King reflects on working with the Neno Macadamia Trust and visiting Neno, Malawi. He provides an overview of NMT activities over the last few years.

April 2012 The Big Sing - Saturday 28th April from 7pm

A concert by the York SDA Gospel Singers including musicians from Hull and Doncaster and poetry reading from Malawian poet Dr Jack Mapanje to raise vital funds for the Neno Macadamia Trust.

Febraury 2012 NMT appeals for support to assist with repair to the Neno warehouse.

Storage depot update: As a result of heavy rain and strong winds some of the roof was blown off on 15th February.

2011 New macadamia nut storage depot built

New macadamia nut storage depot completed in 2011 thanks to funds donated from Scotland.

2011 National Nut Day 22 October

The National Nut Day on 22nd October is being promoted by Liberation Foods, the Fairtrade nut company.

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