Neno Macadamia Trust

Income generation for smallholder farmers

Once smallholder farmers have planted macadamia trees they benefit financially as soon as the trees start bearing fruit by selling portions of the harvested crop. This can happen within 2 to 4 years depending on the conditions and care that young trees are under.

NMT is also building a funding mechanism for smallholder farmers in Malawi by connecting the NMT supported cooperatives with carbon offsetting purchasers in developed countries. Initial work is being done in partnership with Profs Who Fly, based in the UK and enabling academics who travel by air regularly to purchase Carbon Damage Mitigation Cerrtificates to offset the carbon emissionof their flights by directly funding the planting of macadamia trees by smallholders in Malawi. The benefits provide carbon offsetting in developed countries which then enables financing of increased smallholder agroforestry in Malawi.

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